Nursing Home Startup Services

Where do your elders go for nursing home care? How often are they able to be visited by family?
Is it time to look at building a facility on tribal land?

Native American Health Management is dedicated to help Tribes to set up nursing homes on their land. We have been involved in many projects over the last 8 years and have received great feedback from the communities that we have served. Our staff has extensive management experience for nursing homes and expertise in billing, funding, feasibility studies, surveys, general operations, and ongoing sustainability.

We can help you on this journey as you explore the possibilities.

  • Financing
  • Staffing
  • Policies and Procedures

Need Help With Medical Billing?

Our sister company HHS Solutions offers medical billing and consulting services.

We invite you to learn more about how HHS Solutions can become your one-stop-shop for medical billing and consulting.

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