NAHM Assisted Omaha Tribe


This week Ron Ross was congratulated for assisting the Omaha Tribe. They received an advanced Medicaid rate and retro payment. During the celebration Ron received a beautiful quilt for his efforts and support of the tribe. Native American Health Management was able to provide about $3,000,000 in retro payment on top of the ongoing increased rate. Today we are hanging the quilt up in our Lincoln office next to the others we have received from our prior work.

We are continually grateful in our role of helping tribes with health care management and consulting, and that our efforts have helped communities by provided great care for their elders. We have been blessed with stories from community members sharing their gratitude and excitement for the many projects that we have in the works and the feeling it gives our staff is amazing.

We look forward to helping many more communities and are excited to share our success stories.

In 2015, NAHM entered into a consulting agreement with the Omaha Tribe of Nebraska, Macy, Nebraska.  NAHM’s services include:

  • Explore ways to enhance and stabilize Medicaid reimbursement for nursing services provided by the Center;
  • Providing consulting services to OTN for nursing and other department reviews; including mock state surveys, documentation analysis, skill competency, electronic medical charting, quality assurance programming, and Medicaid billing improvements.

NAHM was successful in assisting the OTN in attaining over $3 million in past Medicaid reimbursements and attaining and an enhanced reimbursement rate going forward for Medicaid-eligible Tribal residents at the facility.


We reached out to the Omaha Tribe to see if they wanted assistance in communicating with the State and Federal Government regarding a higher medicaid reimbursement rate that we believed they were entitled to.

It took several months to navigate the system with all parties but Native American Health Management was successfull in assisting the Omaha Tribe in receiving a little over $3,000,000 in back reimbursement.

-Ron Ross CEO of Native American Health Management

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