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Native American Nursing Home Management and Consulting Services

Native American Health Management has helped Tribes build Native American nursing home facilities and currently offers both management and consulting services for ongoing support. Our expertise of over 25 years of experience and specialized knowledge of reimbursement avenues has equipped us to help current Native American nursing home facilities and help Tribes start the process of building one across the united states.

Our partnership with Tribes has been very rewarding and our ongoing relationships with the mission to allow elders in the Tribe to have access to a Native American nursing home facility close to their home has been the driving factor for our work. We enjoy working with tribes because it allows them to be able to have a nursing home on their land staffed by their people, while we, with our experience in the field, are able to ensure that the elders have the best care possible.

Many find the health care field very difficult to understand, so we have put our resources together for you in one company to be able to offer your tribe house your own nursing home near your loved ones.

Would you like to find out more about building/starting a Native American nursing home and the management services we are able to offer? If so please contact us.

Also, if you have an already established nursing home and would like to learn more about our consulting services please give us a call.

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